About OurTwoSense

Okay, so we’re Lilly and Ronnie (Left and Right) who think we have Sense but are based 4,000 miles apart as an energetic crow might fly. We share the same times of day but not the same Time Zone. We are similar but different and even our similarities are never the same. But we share things, we share lots together and we share more with you than y’d ever imagine.

Come glimpse Our Two Sense.

Our Spotlight Feature on AM3

OurTwoSense is proud to be in the AM3 Spotlight.

“ . . . I think we shouldn't ignore the concept itself of creating a joint space from two different places. Of course the technical skills are outstanding, but this blog would only be a display of technical skills if there wasn't also in the images an intriguing and careful thinking through of relationships (both personal and of space). So I want to compliment you both not just on PS skills, but on continuing to develop an idea about how to think of spaces and people conjoining and converging that I think is really fresh and very exciting to see . . . ”
GJC from Kyoto, Japan

" . . Ronnie & Lilly - you guys are just too much! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR WORK ! . . "
Maria Enriquez from Pacific Grove, United States

" . . . Great composition as usual . . It's the thinking man's blog . . ."
Becky from Los Angeles, United States

"To me, this is the essence of who you both are: Beautiful and inventive minds minds, full of humour and interest, looking at the same thing from two sides.....like that wonderful song "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell that was sung equally beautiful by Judy Collins...two great "voices" singing the same song but showing us the two "senses"..... seeing clouds from both sides....I love this ...and yes, I am being serious - sorry :-) <3"
Denny Jump from Easton, PA, United States

Photography Equipment

We are happy to use any camera from a phone, a pocket camera or a glitzy SLR The odd thing is, our little cameras can turn out images that make us wonder why we carry all that heavy gear around when we select serious mode.


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