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Selfie ?
14 April 2014

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Double Trouble
21 November 2016

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Our 400th Posting
24 November 2010

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Unfair Trade
22 September 2009

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25 April 2009

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Start Here
30 March 2008

Recent Comments

Adela Fonts on Restricted
I'm sick of healthy foods. I want to eat tasty food that maybe is not so healthy, but it makes life happy. Great ...

Le Krop on Restricted
I wanted to say, in fact ... what strange world :-)

Le Krop on Restricted
... eating free .. :-( What strange world ! :-(

mohammad on Restricted
Again, dear Ronnie, the mindset you follow in the image and post is interesting to me, As always, very innovative and ...

Devi on Restricted
Three a day is fine Ronnie...I love walnuts..they ARE good!! ( ahem...don't believe Lilly..You will become all ...

Anita on First Impressions
Technology may have cramped our creativity.

Anita on Cure of Cures
Lots of coughing going on where I am too.

Anita on Restricted
Nothing is safe to eat these days!!

B. Thomas on Restricted
A little fact for you: Walnuts native to U.S. are toxic to horses and dogs, but not to cats. In any case, I think you ...

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Restricted
En ajoutant tout ce qui a été enlevé cela devait-être copieux comme plat, mais bon il faut ...

Mhelene on Restricted
Superb composition !

Harry on Restricted
I look forward to seeing you scamper through the trees on your new squirrel diet, Ronnie. I've also heard that ...

Nicole Allombert on Restricted
How do you manage to have so many ideas ? I'm so glad to be back and see all your pictures again !

Don on Restricted
Lilly has the answer to Ronnie's like of nuts. A great shot.

Martine Libouton on Restricted
Rhooo beaucoup d'allergie.... belle prise

Hiro on Restricted
Give all nuts to the squirrels and eat the human's meal !

Nicou on Restricted
Quelles restriction et ce noix dans le bol superbe amitié

Irene on Restricted
Three walnut pieces won't do for me.

Steve Rice on Restricted
You will soon be a mere shadow of yourself, Ronnie. Lilly was a bit cruel with that feed the squirrels comment. ;-)

Brockaly on Restricted
Keep up with the nuts, I always do, have you tried lighting a Brazil nut for Arlo?

Lewis on Restricted
These are good oils ;)

Ddo on Festive
What an attractive composition. Best wishes to you two

Ddo on Cure of Cures
Delicious and pretty idea. This plant don't need to be of watered. If only first aid could limit themselves to ...

Ddo on Restricted
In too much pay attention there is nothing left, poor Roonie :(

Stephen on Restricted
The Shrinkers' Club Diet is nuts!

: Helen : on Restricted
Ahh diets .... Don’t fade away Ronnie! I’d miss you !

Elaine Hancock on Restricted
You have amazing will power Ronnie! I would not be able to stop at three nuts, oil or no oil!

omid on Restricted
:) You have an ascetic life, Ronnie!

Benkirane Thami on Restricted
Parfait pour composer avec une cervelle! Je pense à ça :

Rick on Restricted
Flavour-free. Satisfaction-free. Ronnie sir, beware lest you become gravity-free. Have a t-bone some time soon, yes?

Steven on Restricted
I'd be matchstick thin by now!! Good luck, Ronnie!

Willem on Restricted
Wow, what will you lose weight with this diet.

Ruthiebear on Restricted
I feel your pangs, Ronnie.

grouser on Restricted
Shrinkers diet. Three nuts a day. You must be about the size of a small squirrel by now Ronnie

k@ on Restricted
Please do not put your thumb this way on the spoon, it's not the proper way for a diet guy totally restricted ! ...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Restricted
"... and when he had already gotten used to not eating ... he died." The best diet is moderation, Ronnie.

Existence Artistique on Restricted

Anna Cherer on Restricted
there is not a lot of things allowed in your diet my poor Ronnie ! ;-)

Marjolein on Restricted
Strength with the diet and if you are very hungry .... bad luck you have 1, 2, 3 great walnuts

Jean Louis on Cure of Cures
Des bombons plein les branches, super !!!

AMIR BABA on Cure of Cures
My picture is tomorrow for you

Adela Fonts on Cure of Cures
... rub your chest with candy, I do not know! My mother rubbed our backs and chest with Vicks VapoRub ... I also put an ...

Nicou on Cure of Cures
Un arbre à bonbons quelle vue et ceux en rouge dan sla gourmandise après le chocolat Amitié

Lena on Cure of Cures
Sweet...Sweet image...:-)

Benkirane Thami on Cure of Cures
Un diptyque qui nous laisse le choix entre le jaune acidulé et le rose bonbon! Délicieuse fin de ...

mohammad on Cure of Cures
Again, I am glad to have a beautiful layout and interesting conversation in the text below dear ronnie, Happy new year ...

Olivier on Cure of Cures
help me.............

B. Thomas on Cure of Cures
Rubbing on your chest? I fear the cure is worse than the disease.

Goddess on Upgrade
I prefer the one that supplies the ducks and the Christmas decorations :D

Tomix on Cure of Cures
Des plantes médicinales...C'est naturel !

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