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Our 400th Posting
24 November 2010

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Unfair Trade
22 September 2009

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25 April 2009

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Start Here
30 March 2008

Recent Comments

yo on Candle Power
Arlo a tout prévu : l'extincteur est prêt à fonctionner ! :)

Jean-Louis Guianvarc'h on Candle Power
Il faut éviter de jouer avec le feu!

Mhelene on Candle Power
Superb orchestration !

jpla on Candle Power
Arlo a bien éduquer ses enfants... JP

Elaine Hancock on Candle Power
Arlo looks well prepared!

tataray on Candle Power
Ne pas toujours faire confiance à Arlo, Ronnie !... Le danger est là .

Benkirane Thami on Candle Power
La douceur d'un côté, la fureur du feu de l'autre! Bonne fin de journée lumineuse!

Maryse on Candle Power
Moi je pense qu'Arlo ne mettrait pas ses enfants en danger !!!! Après c'est à ses risques et ...

Don on Candle Power
Lilly has learned to never trust Arlo.

Tomix on Candle Power
Lilly you like too much plays with fire !

rem_la on Candle Power
belle dualité

B. Thomas on Candle Power
Candle Fusion Studio – create your own candle. Arlo, matches, and Turpentine Substitute – create your own ...

Harry on Candle Power
go for it Lilly! Arlo might have an accelerant to spice things up, but he also has an extinguisher to calm things ...

Daryl Johnson on Candle Power
I'm sure Arlo has been making great progress with his experiments in fusion...

omid on Candle Power
With Arlo there is no worries! :))

Existence Artistique on Candle Power

Ruthiebear on Candle Power
Well Arlo certainly should know. Ever since our detached garage burned to the ground 20years ago, we no longer use ...

Willem on Candle Power
I see one large and two small pyromaniacs, taking care is my advice.

Dutchess on Candle Power
Luckily Lilly lives across the ocean ;-)

Claudiel on Candle Power
But we will use candles again soon

mE on Candle Power
Burning candles are quite beautiful to look at. However, one should not handle them too lightly. Would not be the first ...

Nicou on Candle Power
Cette petit lampe des pyromanes ces petits bonhomme avec ces allumettes superbe Belle soirée

Lougris on Candle Power
Une belle mise en scène ! toujours beaucoup de finesse dans tes images bravo !

Jypyä Pop on Candle Power
Arlo is very brave when he dares to play with matches

Steven on Candle Power
Looks like Arlo has two "in training" with him!

Anita on Faces
Happy smiley face!!!

Anita on Candle Power
Glad to see the fire extinguisher.

Dreams come true on Candle Power
O la la I can already hear the sirens in the distance.

Hiro on Candle Power
No problem. Arlo is enough clever to prepare the Firemaster.

Ralf Kesper on Candle Power
I hear Prodigy's "Firestarter" in the background.

Ana Lúcia on Candle Power
Arlo and the kids ... Be careful Lylli.

grouser on Candle Power
You can trust Arlo to wax lyrical about candles

Marjolein on Candle Power
Oops .... Arlo and his children are really pyromaniacs so to see :-)

Captain Creation on Candle Power
Arlo, a semble t'il tout prévu.

Devi on Candle Power
I wholeheartedly approve of your " second thoughts " about the whole venture Lily !!! :) My mind boggles ...

Mickaël D on Faces
Deux aliments qui feraient une bonne confiture pour garder le sourire ;) Bonne journée.

Sam on Faces
Beautiful images from both of you. All we see are smiles except one from Lilly. Great.:)

Tomek on Faces

Libouton Martine on Faces
Haaa oui suis bien d'accord avec Lilly!!!

Kiki on Faces
If we exclude the scary mask, smiles full of vitamins in the two photos!

Mhelene on Faces
I think those who smile are the most awful under the mask .... watch out...!

Maryse on Faces
Les vrais sourires viennent du coeur et se lisent dans les yeux !!!! Bonne journée

Jypyä Pop on Faces
Why one is glum

Benkirane Thami on Faces
Terrifiante l'image à gauche! Plus savoureuse et vitaminée celle à droite! Bonne fin de ...

Daniel on Faces
Une symphonie orange !!!

jpla on Faces
Ne jamais se fier aux sourires JP

JACQUES on Faces
Superbe avec la citrouille qui fait "la gueule" à gauche. Encore un très beau diptyque.

Ana Lúcia on Faces
I agree with Lilly's advice

fateme@@ on Faces
Nice composition.

Jean-Louis Guianvarc'h on Faces
Les mandarines sont moins effrayantes et sans doute plus agréables au goût.

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