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24 November 2010

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22 September 2009

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25 April 2009

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30 March 2008

Recent Comments

Ddo on Health Check
And why not both ? Caution is mother of safety says a french proverb :)

Ddo on Chili-Chilli
Oohhhh ! The crumb of bread also works very well.... less dangerously

Ddo on Goodness
Do the best you can, but watch out for the deadlines Ronnie ;)

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Goodness
Je pense qu'il faut s'orienter vers les couleurs attirantes des poivrons.

jpla on Goodness
J'adore le risotto JP

Harry on Goodness
nothing says high quality, nutritious and tasty like something from Sainsbury's out of the microwave - unless of ...

Irene on Goodness
I should be eating healthier myself. I don't particularly like bell peppers.

Steve Rice on Goodness
Low calorie, low fat and has fish. Eat up, Ronnie, it's good for you!

Michael Rawluk on Goodness
Haddock and Risotto. Certainly not for me.

Ruthiebear on Goodness
My goodness seems to be more of an exclamation of regret than one of approval. Maybe if you add in some fresh veggies, ...

Rick on Goodness
I like your faith in the product, Ronnie !

B. Thomas on Goodness
Like Ronnie, cooking and health food are not my areas of expertise. I’m a junk food junkie, and the microwave is ...

Mhelene on Goodness
Risotto is very good !

Existence Artistique on Goodness
bien vu les couleurs des poivrons

Jypyä Pop on Goodness
A microwave oven is a handy aid in cooking. Paprika is a good addition to many foods

Adela Fonts on Goodness
I don't know if it's good or not, but I use the microwave to gain personal time. Prepared food is bad for my ...

tataray on Goodness
De bons légumes frais venant du jardin, et bien cuisinés, rien de meilleur.

Nicou on Goodness
la malbouffe fait mal à l'estomac il faut faire attention excellent Belle soirée

Dreams come true on Goodness
I love fresh peppers with chestnut mushrooms and red onion. Delicious to wok. 1x a week is the microwave day.

Claudiel on Goodness
I cook fresh vegetables in micro wave also .

Elaine Hancock on Goodness
Don’t believe what they say. It’s an advertising gimmick! Fresh is best!

Anita on Chili-Chilli
I just commented on the next image. Coming back to this one makes me wonder if this packaged chili convinced Lilly to ...

Anita on Goodness
These packages lead us to believe we are eating "good fresh food."

Steven on Goodness
Lilly's choice reminds me of the soup I just made with a colorful medley of bell peppers! Now needed in this cold ...

Hiro on Goodness
Cross word puzzle will help your health, I suppose.

Jean-LucT on Goodness
Attention, Ronnie, la "malbouffe" te guette.

grouser on Goodness
Don't be too hard on him Lilly, there's two of his five a day in there

Devi on Goodness
No chopping, slicing , removing seeds marination or garnishing !! Aw!!! The Lazie Ronnie Boy !! Will he ever relish ...

yo on Goodness
Je préfère cuisiner des produits frais mais en dépannage les conserves sont bien pratiques !

Ralf Kesper on Goodness
Just a question of time too cook fresh or using the mirco wave. Unfortunatly I´m doing the second option to much.

Willem on Goodness
You don't have to believe everything. Again a nice short story.

Jaya on Goodness
...right yesterday for my Mom birthday we had a risotto: very healthy at 96 !

Anna Cherer on Goodness
Nothing to do and more time for crossword ;-)

fateme@@ on Goodness
Amazing composition.

Marjolein on Goodness
Yes, the difference in no sense of cooking / time / cookery ;-0

Kyu on Chili-Chilli
Ha, well prepared. Wonderful images.

Jaya on Chili-Chilli
Arlo is hot in himself,... avec la plasticité d'une statue grecque... I love this postpostmodern compo :-)

Michael Rawluk on Chili-Chilli
Arlo is prepared. But nothing beats home made chili.

Ana Lúcia on Chili-Chilli
Arlo...ha ha what a moment.

fateme@@ on Chili-Chilli
Nice posing.

Nazzareno on Chili-Chilli
I never cease to amaze me...!

tataray on Chili-Chilli
Arlo n'a pas la bonne solution je pense !... :))

Rick on Chili-Chilli
Ha ! Arlo's hug looks, shall we say, a bit "forced".

Hiro on Chili-Chilli
The other day, I bought a cup of instant noodles packaged in a plastic cup and tried it. It was awful ! Too hot to ...

Mhelene on Chili-Chilli
Arlo only wants to do right by choosing the best , the hottest...

mo.langel on Chili-Chilli
Too funny this composition, Arlo is ready to put out the fire in the throat of the chili eater!;-)

k@ on Chili-Chilli
Ha, sure Arlo's one is more tasty... at The End ! :) Excellent & witty as usual, how many brains do you both ...

MickaelD on Chili-Chilli
Contre un plat chaud , un bon verre d'eau avec des glaçons mais Arlo aime jouer avec le feu ;)

Willem on Chili-Chilli
Again a nice short (monday) story with fine matching photos, well done Ronnie.

ceteceva on Chili-Chilli
Be careful ! Very hot !

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