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Selfie ?
14 April 2014

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Double Trouble
21 November 2016

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Our 400th Posting
24 November 2010

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Unfair Trade
22 September 2009

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25 April 2009

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Start Here
30 March 2008

Recent Comments

Daniel on Fun Time Express
the too much fun express?!

Harry on Fun Time Express
If Arlo does his usual exemplary job, you can always call the Dinky tow truck from a couple of posts ago.

Irene on Fun Time Express
If Arlo has anything to do here, there might be some fires popping up.

Elnaz on Making Choices
Delicious and compelling idea.

Elnaz on On The Slopes . .
good idea.

Brockaly on Fun Time Express
Great piece, I hope that wheel nut gets tightened. The padlock is a mystery though, is it to lock up Arlo, his tool kit ...

Elaine Hancock on Fun Time Express
With Arlo involved, it will definitely be a fun time. Be sure to wear a crash helmet and fire retardant clothing!

Claudiel on Fun Time Express
A very clean shot. But don't take this car ...

Steve Rice on Fun Time Express
No problem, Lilly. I see no blowtorches or other open flames.

Kyu on Fun Time Express
He looks making a best effort. Wonderful image.

Aly on Fun Time Express
Haha how do you know that Arlo? The trip is funny and safe :-) You can fix it

Ruthiebear on Fun Time Express
Arlo has so many "talents". But none seem to serve anyone very well. I suspect Lily is right, it will be ...

Rick on Fun Time Express
Arlo should get into politics. (superb creativity, bravo!)

Willem on Fun Time Express
Well now have a little faith in Arlo, he's trying his best..............I think !!!!

Existence Artistique on Fun Time Express

Steven on Fun Time Express
Arlo could make the express go fire fast!!

Lewis on Fun Time Express
It is his way to express fun time.

Nicou on Fun Time Express
Express réparation et ce cadenas quelle vue il est petit pour la grande charette Amitié

Mhelene on Fun Time Express
Oh ...Great ! Arlo is very kind to prepare only have to comme after him and to put back everything ...:-)

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Fun Time Express
Unless action taken, a "fun time" waiting for you, my friends.

mo.langel on Fun Time Express
Ah! il faut parfois laisser une chance au plus petit!;) Belle composition!

Hiro on Fun Time Express
I think Arlo learned much. But maybe not enough.

Martine Libouton on Fun Time Express
Très chouette composition j'aime beaucoup

omid on Fun Time Express
very nice shot! Amazing! ... The choice is yours. Fall in the valley or blast?

jpla on Fun Time Express
Lily est prudente JP

Anna Cherer on Fun Time Express
Lilly seems not to trust Arlo ;-)

Jypyä Pop on Fun Time Express
Is there a problem with the wheel or is Arlo a problem ...

Daryl Johnson on Making Choices
Mmm mmm... just like mama used to cultivate...

Jean-Luc.M on Making Choices
Same date as your tomato soup ? I hope you have a good doctor !

Ana Lúcia on Making Choices
Hummmm! Made me hungry!

Aly on Making Choices
Have a nice sunday L& R

Bill on Making Choices
Don't worry; if you wait long enough scientists will decide that shepherd's pie is good for us!

Lewis on Making Choices
The HP sauce looks like dried up blood ... (?) Hope y'all and the shepherd are ok and have a good weekend )

Mickaël D on Making Choices
Ils précisent quand même que c'est sans antibiotiques ;)) Bon week-end .

mohammad on Making Choices
Very seductive and deceptive I hope you enjoy Lillly's eating and BRAVO for this new making!

Marc on Making Choices
Il en faut pour tout les goûts et bonne digestion.... :)

Anita on Making Choices
This one made me laugh out loud! Thanks.

Aly on Making Choices
Sometimes it's allowed but not everyday. So it worked well. No recovery required! :-) wel done

jpla on Making Choices
Excellent JP

Tomix on Making Choices
Ronnie, what have you eaten? Sorry but looks like s**t! :))

AG on Making Choices
Makes me feel ill just looking .

Kiki on Making Choices
;( We arrive a little late for the advices but I hope you are well Ronnie ! But excellent photographic and verbal duo ! ...

Jean-Louis Guianvarc'h on Making Choices
Pour déguster sans se poser de question il faut préparer soi-même son repas ou ne pas lire ...

Wayra on Making Choices
An interesting composition indeed. Even if I don't think the food is particularly good... :-)

Olivier on Making Choices
this is so good?

Daniel on Making Choices

Jypyä Pop on Making Choices
I think it tasted good.

Anita B. on Making Choices
I will attack the plate on the left! am not very prepared food anyway ...

: Helen : on Making Choices
Oh dear, you are both incorrect. They are the window of time that you have to get to the hospital!

Denny Jump on Making Choices
I can't stop laughing!! ;-) ;-) This is hilarious, you two! Love this one ....

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