Hug Shirt

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OurTwoSense (Atlantic Shores, United States) on 19 September 2013 in Business & Industry.

Lilly : I saw this Hug Shirt which seems to come from London ?
Ronnie : I called round but it was late and I got no response, Lilly.
Lilly : What, not even a hug . . perhaps a caress or just a little tremble ?

Hug Shirt Prototype (version 3, 2005)

The Hug Shirt conveys the feeling of being hugged using actuators embedded in the shirt to simulate the warmth, pressure and duration of the hug and even the heartbeat of the sender. A hug can be sent from another Hug Shirt or from your phone as a text message.

Loan Courtesy of :
Cute Circuit, London, UK

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