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OurTwoSense (Atlantic Shores, United States) on 4 November 2013 in Plant & Nature.

Lilly : Saw this fine young tree and wondered what happened with those acorns you planted.
Ronnie : A slow process, Lilly - but featured in Arlo's magazine this month.
Lilly : Magazine ? Arlo ? Do the National Security people know about this ?

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After a bit of thought, we decided this should be our Favourite O2S posting of 2013.

The background image had that touch of the real world in fall color and the march of time thru the year and the Arlos' content is always fun to work on. Technically, we were surprised how a believable 'magazine' effect could be produced from so little flat input, too.

Perhaps most of all, there was the delight of seeing all six acorns become tiny oak trees - all we have to do is decide where to put them, now !

Thanks for your interest - and thanks to AM3 for the platform and support.

Lilly and Ronnie

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